Correlation of Student Performances in Pharmacology Formative and Summative Examinations

Pai, Dr. Preethi G and Sanji, Dr. Narendranath and Pai, Dr. M.R.S.M and Kotian, Mr. M. Shashidhar (2010) Correlation of Student Performances in Pharmacology Formative and Summative Examinations. Pharmacologyonline, 3. pp. 200-206.

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Formative assessment facilitates improvement in structional practices, identifies “gaps” in the curriculum, and contributes to increased student performance. Literature review revealed that limited evidence investigates the group that may benefit the most from formative evaluation, the low performing students. The primary objective of this study is to assess and correlate the performance of students in pharmacology formative examinations who have averaged 60% and above (high performers) and who have averaged less than 60% (low performers) in the summative examinations. Student performance data (i.e. percentage marks) for each of three consecutive formative examinations and the summative examinations of batches, 2006-07 & 2007-08 were acquired from central student records and analyzed. Statistical analysis was done using McNemar, and Pearson’s co-efficient of correlation. P < 0.05 was considered significant. The present study revealed that out of the 502 students who appeared for both formative and summative examinations, 318 have scored greater than 60% in summative examinations. Out of these 318 students, 235 (73.9%) students have scored greater than 60% in formative examinations (P < 0.001). Out of the 184 students who have scored less than 60% in summative examinations, 44 have scored less than 60% in formative examinations (P < 0.001). Formative examinations corelate more positively with summative examination performance in high performers (r=0.697) when compared to low performers (r=0.29). The present study concludes that formative examinations are better predictors in high performers compared to the low performers; hence we cannot rely solely on formative assessments to improve performance in the latter group.

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