Novel uses of thalidomide: focus on its applications in malignancy.

*, M N Chowta and *, N Chowta K (2010) Novel uses of thalidomide: focus on its applications in malignancy. International Journal of Current Trends in Science and Technology, 1 (1). pp. 28-41. ISSN 0976-9498

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Thalidomide removed from market in 1962 because of severe teratogenicity.Recent studies have shown that it has antiangiogenic andimmunomodulatory effects. It has now returned to practice as an effectiveoral agent in the management of various conditions like erythema nodosumleprosum and multiple myeloma. Its use in other tumors is underevaluation, with promise in renal cell carcinoma, ovarian cancer, non small cell lung carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, prostate cancer, glioma, andKaposi's sarcoma. It has also shown beneficial activity in cancer relatedcachexia. The most notorious effect of thalidomide is teratogenicity.Sedation and constipation are known side-effects of thalidomide.Thalidomide also has been associated with neuropathy and deep veinthrombosis. To ensure that fetal exposure to this teratogenic agent does notoccur, the manufacturer has instituted a comprehensive program to controlprescribing, dispensing, and use of the drug. This program, known as theSystem for Thalidomide Education and Prescribing Safety (STEPS). Thepresent review examines the background, pharmacokinetics, mechanism ofaction, adverse effects, and uses of thalidomide in malignancy. Relevantarticles were identified through PUBMED searches (1962- 2009). Searchterms included thalidomide, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, therapeuticuse, and teratogenicity, as well as terms for specific disease states andadverse events. Further publications were identified from the reference listsof the reviewed articles.

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