Paratyphoid fever- Emerging problem in South India

Bekur, Ragini and Vandana, KE and Shivashankara, KN and Valsalan, Rohit and Sathyanarayanan, Vishwanath (2010) Paratyphoid fever- Emerging problem in South India. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. pp. 412-420.

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Objective: To review the clinical profile and drug susceptibilities of Salmonella paratyphi Ain a tertiary care hospital. Methods: Retrospective analyses of 113 patients with paratyphoid fever and 101 culture proven Salmonella paratyphi infection were included in the study. The sfetuatduyr eesx,t esenrdoeldog oyv aenr da bpleoroido dc uolft u3 ryee. aTrhse ( 2d0r0u6g- s2u0s0c8e).p Dtibiailgintyo steiss toinf gp aotfi ethnets i swoelarete bs awseerde opne rcfloirnmiceadl obfy itshoela dteissc, tdriefafutmsieonnt m aentdh ocdli.n Ciclianl icreasl ppornessee nwtaetrieo ns,t uladbieodra. tRoreys upaltrsa:m Oeft etrhse, s1u1s3c ecpastiebsi,l i7ty7 p(6a8t.t4e r%ns) cwoemrem monal essy manpdto 3m6 w(1e0r0e.0 f%em) afolellso w(3e2d.8 %by), lwoohsiceh s tionocllsu d(3e7d. 22% p)e, dhieaatrdiacc chhei l(d3r5e.n4%. F),e vmeyr awlgaisa t(h3e1 .m9%os)t, cpuarined a. bMdaojmoreitny (o2f9 t.h2e% i)s, odlartye sc o(4u6g%h) (w19er.5e %re)s iastnadn tv toom ciottirnigm o(1x3a.z3o%le) .i nA 2ll0 0p6a,t hieonwtes vwere rthe ecyl ibneiccaamllye 1c0h0lo%ra smenpshietinviec oinl o2n0l0y7 iannd 2008. whereas the strains became 100% sensitive to ampicillin and but in 2008. In 2006 the sensitivity of organisms to ciprofloxacin was 89% respect2iv0e0l7y a. nSdu r2p0r0is8i nthgleyr e has been an increasing resistance to ciprofloxacin (46% and 86%) sensitivity in 3 isolates ( 8.1%) were resistant to ceftriaxone in 2006 , showed 100% in 2008. Common drugs used were ceftriaxone in 100 cases (88.4%) and ciprofloxacin wh1ic3 hc arseessp (o1n1d.6e%d) .tOon cee pftartiiaexnot nhea.d C reolnapcslue soifo pnasr:a tPyaprhaotiydp fheoviedr afeftveer rt rAea tims eonnte w oitfh t hciep reomfleoxrgaicning innofteecdt.i oCnos natnindu oau ssi gmnoifnicitaonrti npgr oobf ledmru gin s uInsdceiap.t iAbnil iitniecsr eias sminagn rdeastiosrtya nicne intos tfiltuuotirnogq uaipnporloonperisa ties therapy.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Paratyphoid fever; Salmonella paratyphi A; Antimicrobial susceptibility
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Date Deposited: 05 Mar 2015 04:19
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