Eapan, Merlyn Rose and Tharakan, Y G (2014) COMMUNITY‘S PERCEPTION OF ECOTOURISM IN GOA. Masters Thesis thesis, WGSHA.

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Ecotourism is the kind of tourism that flourishes based on the natural environment and resources that are present in the destination. If the environment is adversely affected due to some reasons this directly affects the success of ecotourism projects implemented in the area. Ideally ecotourism helps in the promotion and conservation of the ecosystem, biodiversity, culture and traditions of the destination. Many governments declare protected areas, these protected areas help serve as ecotourism sites for various curious Eco tourists. Many natural landscapes are also developed and maintained for the very same purpose. Governments and tourism departments have realised that merely concentrating on tourism development and not on the community and environment can lead to a downward slope when it comes to the social, environment and economical aspects of the state. Tourism in general highly depends on the environment for its natural resources in order to attract tourists. The Goa State Government has a large portion of their income from the tourism activities. It is internationally known as a Beach destination and Fun and Relaxation destination. Learning from researches about the maturity of the sun and sand tourism market the Goa Tourism Department is now focusing on promoting Goa as an eco-destination. They have taken various steps towards the protection and development of eco-friendly sites and also actively promote the ecotourism tour packages on their official website. As mentioned earlier the community participation in such projects is crucial as it helps in better management and success of these projects. My study helps 1) to assess the understanding and awareness of the community towards ecotourism; and 2) to assess the impact of ecotourism from the community‘s perception. This will give the tourism department as well as investors in eco projects a better insight into the expectations and objectives that the community has from an eco-site in their locality. It will also help the stakeholders to know how aware and knowledgeable the community is of the concept of ecotourism and if they have any misunderstandings which needs clarification. I collected primary data by distributing questionnaires online (random sampling). The sample size is 61. The respondents are all with permanent residence in Goa. Ecotourism in Goa has brought a lot of benefits socially, environmentally and economically. It has led to the creation of jobs, protection of various areas as well as helps preserve the authentic culture and traditions of Goa. However it has also its negative impacts like difference in expectations of the community and objectives of the eco project, non-inclusion of the community and uncontrolled tourist arrivals. These issues are being tackled in various ways both by the community and government. Later in the study a few instance of how the cropping issues related to ecotourism in Goa are being dealt with are stated. Many researches have shown that by including and consulting all the strata in the community increases the success levels and continuity of an eco-project in a destination.

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