Characterisation of nanocarbon thin films

Niranjana, S (2012) Characterisation of nanocarbon thin films. Phd. Thesis thesis, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

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Nanocarbons are expected to be the building block of molecular level engineering, helps in the design of novel biomimetic microelectronic systems (BMES).The allotropes of nanocarbons includes carbon nanotube, nanodiamond, nanocluster carbon, nanowall, nanopillar, and taC, are grown with different process at different deposition condition. They have shown good mechanical, chemical, electrical, and electronics properties. The nanocarbons are studied with their morphological, dimensional, and compositional details Raman response of nanocarbon has signature of nanocarbon may be used to classify nanocarbon into nanodiamond, CNT and nanoclsuter carbon. Thus Raman spectroscopy is a good probe for evaluating nanocarbon instantaneously without destructing the samples. It is one of the most powerful approaches for classifying the nanocarbons, as well it can evaluate the quality of the film. The cluster diameter/ size estimation helps in dimension analysis. The dimension analysis along with Raman classification/ identification of nanocarbon may help in controlling the in situ nanocarbon growth or analysis. So it helps in the bottom up system design. The novel room temperature grown nanocluster carbon study indicated its increasing conductivity with temperature (semiconducting). This room temperature grown nanocluster carbon is also good field assisted electron emitter. The characteristics studied and the vacuum diode configured display is its promising application The room temperature grown nanocluster carbon film shown as semiconductor once optimized may be used different applications in large scale electronics, or vacuum nanoelectronics. Once these materials are tested with biocompatibility, then the proposed nanocarbons may be used in the developments of invasive sensors or along with the implants

Item Type: Thesis (Phd. Thesis)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nanocarbons, SEM, Raman response, cathodic arc, nanocluster carbon, cluster dimension, curve fitting
Subjects: Engineering > MIT Manipal > Biomedical
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Date Deposited: 09 Apr 2016 14:21
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