Improved nonlinear absorption mechanism of tin oxide thin films: Role of strontium doping

Bannur, M S and Antony, Albin and Maddani, K.I and Ani, Aninamol and Poornesh, P and Rao, Ashok and Choudhari, KS and Kulkarni, Suresh D (2019) Improved nonlinear absorption mechanism of tin oxide thin films: Role of strontium doping. Optical Materials, 94. pp. 294-98. ISSN 0925-3467

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Wereporttheeffectofstrontiumdopingonthird-ordernonlinearopticalpropertiesoftinoxide(SnO2)thinfilms grown via chemical spray pyrolysis technique. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) results reveal that films exhibit a polycrystallinephasewithatetragonalcrystalstructure.Thebroadeningandshiftingofdiffractionpeakindicate thatthedopantSr2+ionsuccessfullyreplacedtheSnsitesofSnO2lattice.Thereductionofcrystallinesizefrom 23.92 to 12.96nm indicates the assimilation of point defects such as interstitial and oxygen vacancies in the SnO2 lattice upon doping.Thesurfacemorphologicalanalysis viaatomicforcemicroscopy indicatestheshatteringofgrainsintosmallparticlesuponSrdoping.Theenergybandgapoffilmsshowsasubstantialdropfrom 3.97eVto3.03eVduetotheformationofsub-bandlevelsintheforbiddengap.Photoluminescence(PL)spectra showintense,broadasymmetricemissionbandscentredaround390nmandextendingupto500nm.Thethird order nonlinear absorption mechanism observed in Sr: SnO2 films were attributed to free carrier absorption (FCA)inducedtwo-photonabsorption(TPA).Thethirdordernonlinearabsorptionco-efficientβeffshowsaone order enhancement (0.14×10−1cm/W to 3. 91×10−1cm/W) which indicates that competency of grown filmsinnonlinearopticaldeviceapplications

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: SnO2 thin films, Strontium doping, Nonlinear absorption
Subjects: Engineering > MIT Manipal > Physics
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Date Deposited: 07 Aug 2019 05:34
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