People’s Art or Performance of the Elites?: Debating the History of IPTA in Bengal

Bhattacharya, Binayak (2013) People’s Art or Performance of the Elites?: Debating the History of IPTA in Bengal. Rupkatha journal on interdisciplinary studies in Humanities, V (2). pp. 178-188. ISSN 0975-2935

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This article attempts to re-read the cultural history of the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) within the larger context of the progressive nationalist politics of Bengal. The purpose of this re-reading is to engage in a debate to locate the political status of the various non-urban, non-elite, non-middle class performative practices within the political strata of IPTA. The article reiterates that the Left politics of Bengal maintained an inseparable alliance with the Bhadralok class since its early days and by virtue of this alliance, the hegemony of the Bhdraloks remained secured. Consequently, within the practical domain of the Left politics vis-a-vis the IPTA, the middle class intelligentsia kept controlling the performative arena by restraining the movements of various non-Bhadralok forms. By citing references from the writings of Sudhi Pradhan and Hemango Biswas, this article contemplates to enter into a lesser-known chapter from the glorified history of IPTA.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA); Bhdraloks, Hegemony, SudhiPradhan; Hemango Biswas; Left politics
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