Spintronic devices: A promising alternative to CMOS devices

Barla, Prashanth and Joshi, Vinod Kumar and Bhat, Somashekara (2021) Spintronic devices: A promising alternative to CMOS devices. Journal of Computational Electronics. pp. 805-837. ISSN 1569-8025

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The feld of spintronics has attracted tremendous attention recently owing to its ability to ofer a solution for the present-day problem of increased power dissipation in electronic circuits while scaling down the technology. Spintronic-based structures utilize electron’s spin degree of freedom, which makes it unique with zero standby leakage, low power consumption, infnite endurance, a good read and write performance, nonvolatile nature, and easy 3D integration capability with the present-day electronic circuits based on CMOS technology. All these advantages have catapulted the aggressive research activities to employ spintronic devices in memory units and also revamped the concept of processing-in-memory architecture for the future. This review article explores the essential milestones in the evolutionary feld of spintronics. It includes various physi�cal phenomena such as the giant magnetoresistance efect, tunnel magnetoresistance efect, spin-transfer torque, spin Hall efect, voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy efect, and current-induced domain wall/skyrmions motion. Further, various spintronic devices such as spin valves, magnetic tunnel junctions, domain wall-based race track memory, all spin logic devices, and recently buzzing skyrmions and hybrid magnetic/silicon-based devices are discussed. A detailed description of various switching mechanisms to write the information in these spintronic devices is also reviewed. An overview of hybrid magnetic /silicon-based devices that have the capability to be used for processing-in-memory (logic-in-memory) architecture in the immediate future is described in the end. In this article, we have attempted to introduce a brief history, current status, and future prospectus of the spintronics feld for a novice.

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