Primary Author BenefitsPrimary Author Benefits

There are several benefits of ePrints@Manipal University repository.

  • ePrints@Manipal University enhances the professional visibility of the faculty, and raises the prestige of the Institute.
  • Open access repositories like the ePrints@Manipal University lowers access-barrier and enhances the dissemination of scholarly works.
  • Research has demonstrated that open access online articles have appreciably higher citation rates than traditionally published articles. 1
  • Serves to establish priority of ideas and intellectual property, i.e. registering the work with a date stamp and identifier.
  • The centralized system manages and presents the research output of the Institute in an organized fashion.
  • Serves to demonstrate the breadth and depth of research output.
  • Students can easily access faculty papers via ePrints@Manipal University.
  • Preserves and provides long-term access to the scholars' research output.
  • Adherence to interoperability standards ensures that the publications in ePrints@Manipal University can be immediately found in global indexing and search services.

1Steve Lawrence. 2001. "Online or invisible?" Nature 411 (6837):521. Available at: <>