Behavioural Assessment of Gutkha Chewers amongst Adolescent and Young Working Male Population of Belgaum City, Karnataka State, India

Ramprasad, VP and Mansingh, Prateek (2018) Behavioural Assessment of Gutkha Chewers amongst Adolescent and Young Working Male Population of Belgaum City, Karnataka State, India. EC Dental Science, 17 (12). pp. 2136-2144.

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The consumption of gutkha is a complicated and escalating problem currently seen in the adolescent and young adult population of semi urban and rural India and is also one of the leading factors of oral cancer. Over the years, the prevalence for gutkha consumption has seen a sharp rise which is a cause for a serious concern. The production and consumption of tobacco should be addressed so that the public is educated about adverse ecological and health impact of tobacco consumption habit. In the last few years, opinion in favor of reducing consumption has gained momentum all throughout the country. The study was conducted to identify the factors associated with the consumption of gutkha and to assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of gutkha chewers amongst the adolescent and young working male population of Belgaum city.Exposure to Tobacco consumption usually begins in adolescence, which is a time for discovery, challenge and experimentation. Gutkha is a chewable flavored tobacco product. It is classified as a Manufactured Smokeless Tobacco Product (MTSP). It is basically a powdery granular substance which is light brownish to white in color, typically taken after meals, as a mouth freshener. It is a dry mixture of crushed areca nut, tobacco, catechu, lime, aromatic and flavoring agents as well as other additives. Aromatic and flavoring agents include spice flavors, aromatic essences like sandalwood, counter irritants, menthol and eugenol) and sweeteners like sorbitol or saccharine)Other additives include flavor solvents like triacetin), humectants (e.g. glycerol), antifungal food preservatives (sodium propionate) and various other chemicals (ammonia, calcium and magnesium carbonates) Within moments of consumption, the gutkha begins to dissolve and turns deep red in color. It imparts upon its user a “high” that is much more intense than any other tobacco product.Questionnaires were distributed to 352 male subjects between the age of 17 to 40 and the responses were collected from them systematically. Results showed that 51.70% of the participants in this study were chewing 1 - 5 packets a day, which indicates an extremely high prevalence of gutkha consumption for the sample population. Mostly, people consume gutkha to deal with stress at the academic or their work related environments. While the dependence on gutkha slowly and steadily increases, they do not realize the harm that they are causing to their own body in the long run. The people need to be educated about the dangers of indulging in gutkha consumption as well as the advantages of stopping this habit needs to be stressed upon them.Consumption of tobacco is only likely to rise in the current scenario. A multi-faceted, comprehensive policy is needed to battle this rising monster. Also, children need to be made aware of the harmful effects on tobacco consumption because if this habit is addressed when they are young, it is more likely to be stopped as children are more receptive when they are young and have not been exposed to these habits also, nipping this habit in the bud

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