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ePrints@Manipal Academy of Higher edu repository collects, preserves and disseminates in digital format the research output created by the MAHE faculty, students, and staff community. It enables the Institute community to deposit their preprints, postprints and other scholarly publications using a web interface, and organizes these publications for easy retrieval. While the eprints@MAHE repository can be accessed by anybody, submission of documents to this repository is limited to the MAHE community only. ePrints@MAHE repository is running on GNU EPrints.org software, a freely distributable archive system available from eprints.org. ePrints@MAHE repository complies with the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) framework allowing publications to be easily indexed by web search engines and other indexing services.

Other institutions are invited (and encouraged) to set up their own open archives for author self-archiving, using the freely-distributable eprints.org software used at this site.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning ePrints@MAHE should be sent to admin.eprints[at]manipal.edu


While utmost care has been taken to provide as authentic and accurate information as possible with regards to the eprints in this archive, MAHE disclaim any responsibility or liability from any incidental errors. Users also assume the sole responsibility for use of any content appearing on ePrints@MAHE repository.

While content from this archive can be freely downloaded for purposes of academic teaching and research, redistribution or hosting of full-text content in any retrieval system for profit is strictly prohibited.

In no event shall MAHE be liable to the users of ePrints@MAHE or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of information provided on ePrints@MAHE.

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This site is running software from eprints.org / revision: EP3.2.7 version;

EPrints is free software developed by the University of Southampton, England.

EPrints2 by Christopher Gutteridge, assisted by Mike Jewell.

Original version 1.0 software design and implemention by Robert Tansley.

For more information see eprints.org

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