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*, Surbhi Sawhney and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2015) Comparative evaluation of the calcium release from mineral trioxide aggregate and its mixture with glass ionomer cement in different proportions and time intervals – An in vitro study. The Saudi Dental Journal, xxx. pp. 1-5. ISSN 1013-9052 (In Press)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and *, Girish Pallippurath and Thomas, Manuel S and *, Phani Mohan R (2015) Technique Tips – The Removal of a Primary Tooth Anterior Abutment Root to Salvage a Fixed Prosthesis. Dental Update. pp. 396-397.

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Pai, Swathi and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and Thomas, Manuel S and Bhat, Vishal (2014) Effect of calcium hydroxide and triple antibiotic paste as intracanal medicaments on the incidence of inter-appointment flare-up in diabetic patients: An in vivo study. Journal of Conservative Dentistry, 17 (3). pp. 208-211. ISSN 0972-0707

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Malhotra, Neeraj and Shetty, Somashekar B and *, Kundabala M and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and Shenoy, Ramya (2013) Practice-based, clinical trial of a silorane-based composite resin system in posterior teeth. South African Dental Journal, 68 (8). pp. 358-363.

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*, Vikram M and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2012) Salvaging a tooth by hemisection. Health Renaissance Journal , 10 (3). pp. 251-253.

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*, Dr.P.Senthil Kumar and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and *, Dr.Kundabala M (2008) A Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Dentistry and Homogeneity of Root Canal Obturation with Guttaflow using Backfilling Technique in Comparison with Conventional Lateral Compaction Technique using Spiral Computed Tomography – An In Vitro Study. Endodontology, 20 (2). pp. 43-50.

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Book Section

Pedrin, Sushma Sharon and Ongole, Ravikiran and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2013) Dental caries, pulp and periapical lesions. In: Text book of Oral Medicine Oral Dagnosis and Oral Radiology. Elsevier, India, pp. 405-439.

Conference or Workshop Item

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2014) Acute pain management. In: Future Dental Professional Program conducted by MCODS, Mangalore with Colgate and IDA at MCODS, Mangalore . (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2013) The first impression. In: CDE scientific guest lecture presentation. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Basic Endodontics& Rotary Endodontics. In: SURAKSHA Dental Clinic , 27th Mar 2011., Hosangadi, Mangalore. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and Kamath , Dr.Premanand Broken instrument retrieval - a case report. In: 19th FODI / 12th IES national conference, , 8th Jan 2005., Bangalore . (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and Kamath, Dr.Premanand Composite build up to facilitate orthodontic treatment-A case report. In: 20th FODI / 13th IES national conference, Lucknow. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Crown augmentation using modified bilayered restoration for anchorage-A case report. In: 61st IDA conference, 27thJan 2008., Mangalore . (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Elastomeric impression materials and techniques-properties and clinical implications. In: CDE scientific guest lecture presentation, 25th July 2009., Dept. of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics, MCODS, Mangalore . (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Handling DHS/CDS -A sensitive matter! In: 41st Karnataka State Dental Conference, 23rd November 2013., Madikeri. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Management of dentinal hypersensitivity. In: CDE scientific guest lecture presentation, 7th May 2010., Dept. of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics, MCODS, Mangalore . (Unpublished)

Nayak, Dilip .G. and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Multidisciplinary Approach-case reports. In: Asia Pacific dental conference, 2007 , Kaulalumpur, Malaysia. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Retrieval of a metallic obstruction from the root canal of a premolar using a Masserann technique-A case report. In: 27th IACDE and 20th IES international conference, 8th Dec 2012, Dubai. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Role of hemisection in the prosthetic management of distal extension ridge-A case report. In: FDI-IDA CDE and 38th Karnataka State Dental Conference, 19thNov 2010., Bangalore. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda and Arora, Dr.Varun and Kamath , Dr.Premanand Separated instrument retrieval using a new modified syringe needle technique-A case report. In: 21st FODI / 14th IES national conference, 23rd Dec 2006, Bombay. (Unpublished)

Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda Surgical management of overfilled guttapercha and root end sealing with mineral trioxide aggregate - A case report. In: 28th IACDE and 21st IES National conference, 15th November 2013., Hyderabad . (Unpublished)


Thapa, Asha and Pai, Dr.A.R.Vivekananda (2013) Role of anti-oxidants in composite resin bonding following bleaching. LAP LAMBERT academic publishing, Germany.

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