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Pavithra, G C and Ramgopal, Udupi A (2019) Crystal structures of APRT from Francisella tularensis - an N-H···N hydrogen bond imparts adenine specificity in adenine phosporibosyltransferases. Feduration of European Biocjemical Societies, 285. pp. 2306-2318.

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Book Section

Chandi, Manish (2012) The Ethnoh istory of 'Uninhabited' Nicobar Islands - The Relevance of Perceiving History and Collective Identity from Legend and Folklore. In: Manifestations of History - Time,Space and Community in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Primus Newdelhi, pp. 157-171.

Conference or Workshop Item

Patagundi, Basanna and Patagundi, Swathi B (2013) Analysis of Open Innovation Strategy. In: Proceedings of the 3nd International Conference on Management Practices & Research:Socially Responsive Business Strategies, 26 July, 2013, Apeejay School of Management, New Delhi).

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